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The best kulcha I've ever had. Soft, with just the right amount of filling. The chole was cooked to perfection and the flavour was very authentic. I thought I was eating a meal straight from Amritsar.
We were excited to taste Kerala cuisines. Meen Fry was excellent. Chicken curry too was very tasty. Veg. Stew was cooked perfectly and we loved it.
Tried her Cinnamon Rolls and man, was I mighty impressed. The bread was very well done, the crust was tender and the texture nice and delicate. Came in a cute package too!
Amazingly delicious and wholesome food, with the littlest details and accompaniments thought of. Beautifully packed and presented.
The caramel custard was rich and by far the best I have head so far,the kebabs were good along with the quiche.
The fusion of gulab jamun cheese cake got me curious and i thought it would be interesting to serve it to my Indian guests from London and Hong kong. Needless to say, they loved the concept and the cheesecake